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Providing a Network of Love and Support

Through a network of programs and organizations designed to assist special needs and varying abilities families, we provide a haven of love and support that they deserve.

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Spreading Awareness and Acceptance

Information and awareness campaigns are crucial to both inform the public and those in need of what 'special needs' and 'varying abilities' are as well as how we can help.

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Providing Resources and Opportunity

Through fundraising, we seek to provide opportunity to the special needs community, allowing them to live more fulfilling and enjoyable moments each and everyday.

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The TLD Charity Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization was founded with the sole purpose of being advocates for the special needs, varying abilities, and at-risk community by raising support, awareness, and resources enabling these children to live more fulfilling lives, full of opportunity. Over 3 million children in the US live with special needs or varying abilities of some kind, while nearly 13 million children live in conditions that put them at-risk. The TLD Charity Foundation wants those who have a child in need to know they are not alone and we are here to help provide a network of support, love, and encouragement.

Co-founders, Amanda & Andrew Herbert are supported by their board members, Kent, Nancy, Adam, and Amy Herbert. Together they seek to make a lasting difference for the community.


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At-Risk Youth

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Types of Varying Abilities & Disabilities


Reasons Not to Help



Our success is solely dependent upon the generosity of our donors, sponsors, supporters, and partners. Without you, we simply cannot complete our mission. Please consider assisting our efforts through a donation or by experiencing one of our events that help benefit the special needs community. One smile, one laugh, one feeling of empowerment, confidence, and belonging is what we hope to deliver to each and every child and family with special needs and varying abilities. We ask you to help us make that happen. Join us in changing a life through love and kindness.




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For any businesses/individuals interested in helping sponsor for our annual charity golf outing, please send a letter of intent to: 
or call: (618) 201-0487


If you believe your organization or program aligns with our mission, we encourage you to get in touch with us so we can begin working together. To apply for a partnership with the TLD Charity Foundation, please fill out the form to the left to provide us more information.


We're always seeking individuals who wish to support our cause by helping out at our events. Please fill out the form to the left to join in our mission to assist the special needs community!

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